Prom Flower Sets

You’ve picked out the perfect prom dress and an elegant prom hairstyle, now it’s time to pick the perfect corsage & boutonniere! Bay Park Flowers has the best selection of prom flowers in San Diego, CA to match every color of prom dress.

Prom Flower Ideas.

There are so many ways to design a prom corsage, so some florists are helping teens narrow down their colors and style by creating a corsage bar shopping experience. Florists lay everything out on the bar: examples of flowers, ribbons, bracelets, gemstones, feathers, decorative wire, and any other accessories that help teens personalize their floral accessories. Girls can organize a fun shopping trip together, or the girl and her date can shop for a customized corsage and boutonniere.

Sophisticated Orchids

Roses may always top the charts for prom flower choices, but orchids are an avant-garde floral selection that compliments modern, sleek prom dresses. Orchids are excellent cut flowers for corsages as their waxy petals make them very long-lasting in an arrangement. Orchids also stand up to heat and are ideal for proms in hot climates.

Tinted Roses

Red and black color combinations really pop in a prom flower arrangement, but some teens dare to take black to the next level by incorporating black roses into their corsages. Does this pose a staining danger to a light-colored gown? Florists use a special dye technique that involves injecting the dark hue intravenously into the stem, ensuring that the dye won’t rub off. If dyes don’t mesh with your natural style, consider using dark burgundy flowers that appear black.

Bracelet Corsage

The bracelet wrist corsage is a beautiful keepsake for teens to remember their prom night long after the flowers have faded. Flower bracelets for prom come in all price brackets from simple sparkling glass beads to more elaborate styles with sterling silver and semi-precious stones. You may consider coordinating your bracelet corsage with your other prom jewelry accessories, such as necklace, earrings, or tiara.


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